Cor Baauw

Cor Baauw

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First Name * Cor
Last Name * Baauw
Username * Syran
Country * Netherlands
City Bussum
Nationality Dutch
Languages DutchEnglish



Availability: student


I have allot of hobby’s, hmm no wait let's do this the other way around. Right now I just finished going to the toilet, while an hour ago I was photographing my bride. Before that I was cleaning the kitten's poo poo chair. In the mean time I was thinking about melon, cats and snails, three things I think of amazingly inspiring. 2 Years ago I entered the art academy in Utrecht (in The Netherland). I study illustration but animate more than I illustrate. 5 years ago I started writing my own role-play book. That's where I make most of my paintings for. I can't tell too much about it yet, but it's really detailed. We even have our own biologist who works on the evolution theory's in our book. And a lawyer... Hope we won't need him for his profession to often. And another great artist and wife Leonie Baauw aka Peraiia. She makes sure everything becomes female friendly ;). Before that I've tried doing action painting in my mother’s womb, and that's where it all started.


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